Sandy Point

We are four partners sharing together the responsibility of the development and sale of this awesome property. We are Ty Kimble, Gary Hanus, Mike Haley and Brian & Patty Kruse. We love this place, and enjoy sharing this experience with the Sandy Point Owners, their friends, and families. The Sandy Point Community is a great group of people.

Who We Are

Sandy Point Community Is a Great Group of People

The original three partners started the project in 2006 with a lot to do. To protect the 500’ of river frontage they had riprap installed for the entire length. Among other studies done for the property, an Archeological Survey was ordered to learn the history and use of the land over the ages. The development was carefully planned with due diligence and land stewardship. The original site plan included six twelve-plex buildings. The 275’ deep Community Well and Wellhouse were installed. The 50 x 25’ pool, bathhouse and covered picnic area was built. The first twelve plex was complete when the 2007-2009 Great Recession brought some tough times for the economy and real estate. The fourth partner arrived on the scene in 2012 and construction of the second twelve plex occurred in 2013-2014. Three of the partners own condominiums within the Sandy Point Condominium Community. Another partner owns property along Sandy Point Road, north of the Condominiums. All of us live, play and enjoy the area to its fullest. We commend our Sandy Point Condominium Association and its executive board, consisting of elected owners with 2-year terms. This outstanding group of people seek counsel, offer options, and make decisions for the continued preservation and protection of the property. We applaud them and welcome their input.

Our next project brings us to the Sandy Point Six-Plex. This building will set behind Earthen Mounds Seven and Eight per the Memorandum of Agreement signed in 2006 between the developers and three Native American Tribal Chiefs. In front of the earthen mounds, dead ash trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer have been removed, while other trees are being limbed to bring the Mighty Mississippi to view. Infrastructure and crushed rock wait on the property to welcome the upcoming Sandy Point Six-Plex with the same footprint as the two twelve-plex’s. We are making pre-sales on this building now.

As the three original partners retire from the project we have decided as a group to list the 3.3 acres of land on the back lot for sale and development. A potential buyer may want the whole parcel to divide as they please, or take a look at our Conceptual Site Plan, Subject to Survey on this website. A third option available: Buy ownership from a retiring partner and be a part of developing the property. All land sold on the property will be governed by the Declaration of Establishment of a Horizontal Property Regime to be known as Sandy Point Condominiums. All property will be owner occupied. A limited number of boat slips will be available for purchase.