Sandy Point
Land For Sale & Development

Among sacred Native American Burial Mounds and a historical cemetery, this owner-occupied property has all the bells and whistles.  All owners may choose to access the heated swimming pool, and the electric tram or aluminum stairs to the dock system.  Boat slips may be available.


3.3 Acres of Land

The Sandy Point Back Lot consists of approximately 3.3 acres of land. This land is bordered by Cota Creek to the south and to the west. Sandy Point Condominium Association Garages are to the north. Six Native American Burial Mounds and the historic Harpers Ferry Cemetery are located to the east.  A potential buyer may purchase the entire parcel to divide as they please, or for other ideas please take a look at our Conceptual Site Plan, Subject to Survey.  Our Conceptual Site Plan, Subject to Survey divides the property into residential lots. Dead trees and bramble will be removed from the waterfront edge.  Healthy trees will be thinned to provide spectacular waterfront views. A limited number of boat slips on the dock system may be available for purchase with the 3.3 acre Back Lot.

Sandy Point Community Water System

Public Water System

Sandy Points Community Water System is an active public water system.  It was installed in May 2006 by Shawver Well Co. and Cooks Pumps of Fredericksburg, Iowa. the community well is 275′ deep and draws from the Ironton-Galesville Sandstones Aquifer on Wanwoc Formation. It will accommodate 96 units with additional pressure tanks. (The original plans in 2006 were for construction of Six Twelve Plexes.) The well house will accommodate seven more 120-gallon pressure tanks.  The Sandy Point Condominium Association (SPCA) is responsible for securing the services of a certified operator to monitor and test the system as required.  Please see our Declarations of Establishment for more details.  Hookup to this system is $416 per unit plus a monthly fee to SPCA of $15.  Sewer services are provided by the City of Harpers Ferry at a monthly fee of $15.50. These two utilities are billed quarterly by the SPCA.  

Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor Activities

Declarations of Establishment

Horizontal Property Regime to be known as Sandy Point Condominiums

All land sold on the property will be governed by the Declaration of Establishment of a Horizontal Property Regime known as Sandy Point Condominiums.

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